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Get to know about our company and how we can assist you in completing your next painting job on time and on budget. We have been in the painting industry long enough to be able to complete any painting jobs in an efficient and effortless manner. If you are looking for a company to get the job done right the first time then look no further.


At Supreme Painters, painting is our business – small and large, residential and commercial, interior and exterior, we do it all. We’ve been painting in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area for over 15 years. Featuring unmatched painting expertise and a level of customer service that never fails to impress our clients, we’ve grown from a small business to one of Toronto’s most well-known names in the painting industry.

As our wide range of completed painting projects would suggest, our customers come from every sector of the city and chances are high that someone you know has hired us in the past. The reason why we attract so many different types of clients is our varied service listing, which includes the following options: Interior home painting, Exterior home painting, Commercial painting, Repairing drywall and plaster.

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What Do Our Toronto Painters Offer?

Welcome to Supreme Painters, one of the leading painting services companies in the Toronto and Greater Toronto Area. Our team of painters in Toronto can complete all of your residential, commercial, interior, and exterior painting jobs.


Although it should be a given, many painting companies fall short when it comes to professionalism. We know that each and every interaction you have with a painting contractor matters and at the absolute minimum, full and complete professionalism is a necessity. From the first phone call to shaking your hand when we leave, all of our employees will always give you the professionalism you deserve.


Being professional means nothing if we don’t have the painting skills to back it up. Fortunately, we do and our team has an impressive combined history of jobs completed. In addition, the core members of Pro Painting Co are continually improving their talents by studying new developments in the painting industry and applying innovative concepts to their work.


We also back all of our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which means we’re not done, until you’re satisfied. Your satisfaction matters to Our Toronto painters.Some might think that painting is nothing more than manual labor, but we beg to differ. Providing proper painting services takes something more than professionalism and expertise – it takes care.

Take a Look at Our Growing Portfolio
With a client based approach to our painting services, our ultimate goal on any paint job is your satisfaction! No matter if you have a small residential dwelling or a large commercial project our Toronto painters can handle the job!

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Toronto Painters – Residential, Commercial and Condo Painters in Toronto

Are you looking for a residential, condo or commercial painter in Toronto? Our Toronto painters can assist you in completing painting jobs of all sizes. Our team of Toronto Painters can complete your job within your budget and time frame. Our Toronto painters work weekdays and weekends to service you!

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Toronto Painters, Home and Condo Painters in Toronto
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